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Helping you target businesses or their employees with fast, effective leaflet or flyer distribution and personalised messages

Few companies offer this, and none, we believe, do it as well as us.


Although it can be hard to reach businesses as they are generally more spread out than people’s homes, the rewards can be substantial.

For one thing, not that many businesses target other businesses using leaflets, flyers or magazines, so yours will stand out. This helps ensure a high success rate, and with businesses typically spending much more than consumers, can lead to very high returns.

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Leaflet Distribution
I am extremely happy I choose Jogpost as my distributors. I found their price to be very reasonable, their customer service was impeccable and their printing was of a very high standard.
Leaflet Distribution
I had a record breaking sales week at Carshalton Pizza Hut! This was the first time we ever used JogPost for our leaflet distribution.
Javaid Rafique
Pizza Hut / Carshalton
Leaflet Distribution
Our industry is arboriculture and the JogPost team were very helpful in advising where to distribute my leaflets. In a few weeks we had almost doubled our client base in targeted areas.
Reaching the right people

In fact almost any business has the capacity to benefit from targeting other businesses, whether it’s employees with money to spend or the businesses themselves

All our distributors speak English and are smartly dressed (in your livery, if you prefer). They’re also well trained, so they can make sure that your leaflets reach the intended people (not get left at reception). They can also communicate a sales message personally, to reinforce what’s in your leaflet.

In addition, our advanced planning expertise and software will ensure that we target only the right businesses, defined by type of business (e.g. office, retail or industrial), sector (e.g. IT companies only), size (e.g. businesses with 50 or more employees), location (e.g. business parks only), and so on.

Finally, we can produce a detailed report, identifying the names of businesses or individuals that expressed an initial interest in your product or service.

Who can benefit?

B2B leafleting can prove profitable for almost anyone. Delivery restaurants, for instance, particularly high end outlets, or those with the capacity to cater for working lunches, office parties, or late night team working.

Offices are also a good source of business for gyms and health clubs, particularly if you can do a deal with the management to make your offer extra attractive to employees.

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Targeting businesses or employees with high levels of disposable income mean that it’s particularly essential to get the look and content just right, so if you don’t have your own leaflets, remember that as well as printing, we offer professional leaflet design and copywriting

For more details on B2B leafleting or any of our services, in London or elsewhere in the UK, please contact us

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