JogPost Ride Along®| Andy Instone – Director at Urban Strides

11th May 2016  |  Karan Gavali

“I’ll definitely use JogPost again and I’ll recommend it to other people as well. I would say: <<Do a Ride Along, see it for yourself and then you can decide.>> They’re transparent, they proof themselves, and any company that can proof themselves deserve to be championed, deserve to be recommended.”

Andy Instone, director at Urban Strides gives his feedback about JogPost leaflet distribution after going on a Ride Along with our supervisor Zaki Danishyar.

“The thing I like the most about the Ride Along is that it’s so amazing in details. There are checks up on checks up on checks. You feel incredibly confident.”

Andy gives his opinion about the job done by the Joggers (our leaflet distributors):

“Joggers have their GPS trackers on. They show how fast they’re going and if they’re doing their job properly. You’re almost 100% guaranteed that your flyers have gone exactly where they should have gone. And you can see it in person.”

Andy doesn’t speak just about the leaflet distribution but also about JogPost marketing service and the staff commitment to the client:

“Zaki gave me a really good feedback on the leaflets. It shows me that everyone in JogPost cares about generating more business. That’s fantastic, not just from the distribution side but also from the marketing side. They see thousands of leaflets’ design every single day, so they know what works and what doesn’t work.

The owners at JogPost and all the staff are really committed and put the client first.”


We would like to thank Andy for using JogPost for his leaflet distribution campaigns and for comparing JogPost leaflet distribution service to Bentley:

“You pay for Ford Fiesta you get Ford Fiesta, you pay for Bentley you get Bentley”.

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