JogPost Ride Along®|Vicki Luo – Owner at Big Mouth Kitchen

11th Feb 2016  |  Karan Gavali

London 27/01/2016

Vicki Luo, owner at Big Mouth Kitchen, experienced JogPost Ride Along® Service with our supervisor Mehrab.

After the Ride Along, he was quite simply impressed by the system in place:

“I can see where the joggers are and that they’re doing their job. What I really liked is that there is somebody looking after them, speaking with them, so they get their job done … efficiently!”

When Mehrab asked him about his “confidence level” about the results his leaflet distribution could achieve, Vicki seemed very confident and replied:

“Now that I watched them (the joggers) really doing their job, which I never experienced before, I feel very confident this time they’ll have a big success, so I would hope for a 10!”

We welcome you to come and see your leaflets being delivered with your own eyes!

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JogPost Ride Along®. Be Confident.

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