JogPost Ride Along®| Papa John’s – Braintree [London]

5th Jul 2016  |  Karan Gavali

 “You’re going to get responses!” [Papa John’s – Braintree, London] “You spend so much money with other companies and don’t see results. With JogPost you know you’re going to get a return in responses.” Watch the full video and find out why Papa John’s choose JogPost for their leaflet distribution campaigns. To know more about […]


JOGPOST RIDE ALONG®| Gavin Rumgay Racket Sports

30th Jun 2016  |  Karan Gavali

Gavin Rumgay Racket Sports: “It’s given me great piece of mind”  How confident do you feel about using a leaflet distribution company? See what Miles Ross from Gavin Rumgay Racket Sports says BEFORE and AFTER using JogPost Leaflet Distribution. Ride Along® is our trademarked service that lets our customers see their leaflet distribution in action. […]


JogPost| JogPost Prize Draw – May ’16

12th May 2016  |  Karan Gavali

1st JogPost Prize Draw – May ’16 Watch the video to find out who is the lucky winner of a FREE 10K LEAFLET DISTRIBUTION! Distributing your marketing with JogPost has never been so exciting! Every month a lucky customer will win a FREE 10K Leaflet Distribution! Book a 10K Leaflet Distribution with us and automatically […]


JogPost Ride Along®| Andy Instone – Director at Urban Strides

11th May 2016  |  Karan Gavali

“I’ll definitely use JogPost again and I’ll recommend it to other people as well. I would say: <<Do a Ride Along, see it for yourself and then you can decide.>> They’re transparent, they proof themselves, and any company that can proof themselves deserve to be championed, deserve to be recommended.” Andy Instone, director at Urban Strides […]


Here’s Why All the Top Estate Agents in London Choose JogPost for Their Leaflet Distributions

5th May 2016  |  Karan Gavali

Watch the video to find out the reason why all the top estate agents in London choose JogPost for their leaflet distributions. “I’m really surprised. JogPost is very organised. I give to JogPost 9 out of 10!” [Robert Niewiadowski – Cameron Group Estate agent] “Having seen them running from one house to the other, I know […]


JogPost Ride Along®| Steve – Branch Manager at Debra

26th Apr 2016  |  Karan Gavali

London 18/04/2016 Steve, branch manager at Debra, was not very confident about using a leaflet distribution company before coming to JogPost. Here are Steve’s words after going on JogPost Ride Along with our supervisor Desislava: “Trying you guys, something different, it has been a much more efficient service and the Ride Along has been very […]


JogPost Ride Along®| Michael Apire – The Leather Repair Company

18th Apr 2016  |  Karan Gavali

London, 18/03/2016 “On a scale of 1 to 10 I would definitely give to JogPost a 10!” – Michael Apire, owner at The Leather Repair Company, after going on the Ride Along®. Be Confident About Your Leaflet Distribution. Choose JogPost. To know more about JogPost Ride Along® visit our Ride Along® page.


JogPost Ride Along®|Vicki Luo – Owner at Big Mouth Kitchen

11th Feb 2016  |  Karan Gavali

London 27/01/2016 Vicki Luo, owner at Big Mouth Kitchen, experienced JogPost Ride Along® Service with our supervisor Mehrab. After the Ride Along, he was quite simply impressed by the system in place: “I can see where the joggers are and that they’re doing their job. What I really liked is that there is somebody looking […]


JogPost Ride Along®| Maddy Alemayehu – St Michael Care Limited

26th Jan 2016  |  Karan Gavali

London 14/01/2016 Maddy Alemayehu – Director at St Michael Care Limited – about our Ride Along® Service : “You can physically see the people distributing, you can see the passion. [. . .] Wonderful service!” Ride Along® is our trademarked service that lets our customers see their leaflet distribution in action. Get A Free Quote […]


JogPost Ride Along®| Robert Niewiadowski – Cameron Group Estate agent

7th Dec 2015  |  Karan Gavali

London 16/11/2015  Robert Niewiadowski from Cameron Group- Estate agent, experiences JogPost’s Ride Along® Service  “I’m really surprised. JogPost is very organised. Good to see joggers actually jogging. I give to JogPost 9 out of 10!” Book your next leaflet delivery with us here and see your distribution in action.  Watch more Ride Along® videos here. JogPost Ride Along®. […]


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