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10 reasons for choosing JogPost - ranked the UK's number one leaflet distribution company out of over 680.


You get great results and maximum impact. Our unrivalled speed of delivery, commitment to service and comprehensive high quality offering mean that our clients really notice the benefits, consistently getting up to three times the results of other companies.


No other leaflet distribution company works as fast as us. Our distributors jog rather than walk, hence the JogPost name. That way we can deliver 20-30,000 leaflets or flyers within 24 hours. Give us seven days notice and we can make that 250,000 leaflets in one day. What we take one day to do, others typically take five or more.


We pay our distributors more so we get better people. Some leaflet distributors pay their staffs £25 to deliver 1,000 leaflets. It takes 8-10 hours to deliver 1,000 leaflets. That works out to be about £2.50 per hour (about a third of the mini mum wage). At that rate is it any wonder that so many leaflets end up in skips? At JogPost we pay people a decent rate – so you get a better service.


Well-trained, English-speaking distributors. Our distributors aren’t just fit from all that jogging, they’re better all round. For example, we fully brief them so they can promote your product/service when asked, or when specifically required to (for example when delivering to businesses). We train them thoroughly too- for example how to deliver to hard-to-access- apartment blocks. Plus all our distributors wear our distinctive branded clothing – or can wear yours if you prefer.


Full time supervisors. Each team has its own non-distributing supervisor. It means the job gets done thoroughly, ensuring your leaflets arrive at their destination on time and with care. They support and check on distributors from branded vehicles using iPads and GPS software. Many of our competitors don’t employ supervisors at all, so their service can never compare.


Ride Along® service. We were the first leaflet distribution company to offer this (hence the trademark). It simply means that all our clients are invited to come and see their leaflets being delivered. You can sit with the supervisor in one of our vehicles or you can even join one of the distributors. It’s up to you. You can see a typical ride-along on our videos page. Click here to know more about our Ride Along Service®.


Both large and small businesses prefer us. Our long-standing clients include Pizza Hut, Virgin Active, Transport for London, the NHS, Dominos and Papa John’s. Small businesses really like us too – on FreeIndex we’re rated number 1 out of over 680 companies, with reviews averaging 4.8 stars out of 5. You can also see first hand what our clients say on our Reviews page.


Effective planning. Leaflet distribution has traditionally been a blanket medium. But we can get more out of leaflet distribution by targeting the right areas using our Geoplan software. If you can tell us about the characteristics of your existing customers we can use the Geoplan software to find more of the same and then target them accordingly.


Design, copywriting, printing, guidance. As well as planning, we can design, write and print your leaflets. Our professionals know just what’s required to maximise impact -and your budget. We can also advise on leaflet marketing from a strategic and tactical viewpoint.


We are ethical and transparent in all that we do. As you can see, we believe in treating our staff and our customers well, together with the wider community (more details are on our social responsibility page). We believe that this is not just the right thing to do, but the best way to deliver customer trust, satisfaction and success.

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