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Almost any estate agency can benefit from door drops, and we’ve worked with numerous property companies and agents to deliver effective marketing campaigns.

Pinpoint targeting – not just by the road but by the type of property. Our advanced planning software means we won’t waste your time or money with delivering leaflets to unsuitable addresses, for example flats or council houses.

Agility – you may be looking for buyers or sellers for a certain property or property type at short notice. Give us 24 hours’ notice and we can deliver up to 30,000 leaflets; make that 48 hours and we can deliver up to 50,000, or 250,000 if you ask us seven days in advance.

Personal approach – our most popular service is door to door, whereby our distributors can also communicate your sales message when asked (e.g. a special offer on commission). A good alternative for estate agents can also be hand to hand, as this lets you target potential buyers, renters, sellers or landlords at just the right time.

Scalability – if you have several offices, we can arrange targeted campaigns for each, with delivery scheduled for the same day for all branches should you wish. We can tailor each leaflet to each office, with minimal changes incurring almost no extra cost when it comes to printing

Comprehensive service – if you have a marketing agency we will be happily work with them. Alternatively, we can offer effective design and copywriting – both of which are essential when it comes to showcasing high value items such as properties, and in making your message stand out in a crowded market.

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We work with many marketing and advertising agencies and consultancies to deliver effective leaflet, flyer or magazine distribution for their clients. You’ll find we’re fast, professional and cost-effective, with the capacity to deliver more leaflets more effectively (there are many more reasons for choosing us too).

But you’ll also far find that we offer far more than other leaflet distribution companies in ways you might not expect.

Creativity – as innovators ourselves, we welcome any creative approaches to leaflet distribution. For example, as our distributors are all fit and have support vehicles you can ask us to deliver items which are a bit heavier or an unusual shape.

Clever Targeting – our advanced planning expertise and software means we can pinpoint targets far more accurately than others. We can even apply lateral thinking – for example only targeting houses with south-facing roofs for a solar panel campaign.

Personal Touch – our distributors all speak English, and can personally communicate your main marketing message when asked.

Branding – our distributors can be dressed in livery appropriate to the brand or the campaign.

Alternative Approaches – as well as our popular door to door service, you can opt for hand to hand or business to business, both of which can produce great results, and allow for select targeting.

Exclusivity – many of our competitors do joint distributions, which would mean that your leaflet is lumped in with others. We never do this – each delivery is exclusive to each client.

Loyalty – we are always loyal to our agency clients. If we do a distribution for you and your client comes to us direct for a further project, we always tell them to go back to you.

Transparency – you or your clients are welcome to join us on our RideAlong® service to see your leaflets being delivered – we were the first company to offer this. You can see a typical ride-along on our videos page

On each distribution, you’ll also benefit from an agency discount of 15% net.

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Whether you’re a national chain, a local franchise or a single-outlet start-up, delivering eye-catching menus to the right households is likely to be a major factor in your success. Big chains like Papa John’s, Pizza Hut and Dominos trust us time and again, as do hundreds of small local restaurants and takeaways.

We offer cost-effective door to door distribution, tailored to your needs. We can target all households in an area, delivering at short notice up to 30,000 leaflets in a day (or more if you give us a little notice). That way you get maximum impact – and you can highlight special time limited deals much more quickly.

JogPost understands and executes special campaigns – whether it’s servicing your ‘golden mile’ or carrying out advanced strategies, we have the experience and flexibility to do this. Alternatively, you can target selected households – including or excluding certain streets, or types of housing, such as flats or council houses.

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Effective leaflet distribution is at the heart of successful marketing for many gyms, leisure centres or health boutiques.

With JogPost, you’re guaranteed fast, cost-effective delivery, whether you opt for blanket coverage of an area, or something more targeted – for example certain roads, excluding flats or council houses and so on. We can also target specific groups – for instance women aged 25 to 35. Most of our deliveries are door to door, but for certain targeted campaigns you may want to try hand to hand

The fact that all our distributors are fit and healthy and jog while delivering your leaflets will be an effective bonus in itself, but as they all speak English we can also brief them to deliver a simple sales message when asked, or as part of their delivery – for instance when delivering direct to a business. For extra effectiveness, they can also wear your livery.

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Leaflet distribution – fast delivery, great results, comprehensive service

Welcome to JogPost, the leading leaflet distribution company. Based in London, we primarily deliver leaflets and flyers within the M25, but can also cover anywhere in the UK.

We deliver faster than anyone else (the clue is in our name) which means that our clients get great impact and higher returns. Our distributors are better quality and properly supervised as well, and all our clients are invited to join our unique Ride Along™ service to see for themselves how we work faster and smarter.


Winner - The Peer awards for Excellence. Customer Engagement Award 2016/2017

The Peer Awards 2016-17

Winner - The Greater London Enterprise Awards 2017 for the Best Leaflet Distribution Company in the U.K. and Marketing Distribution Specialist

Greater London Enterprise Awards

Trusted by clients of all sizes and types

As you can see from the banner above , many blue chip companies trust us for their leaflet delivery. These include numerous delivery restaurants , estate agents and gyms / leisure centres, plus marketing companies looking to maximise the effectiveness of their clients’ campaigns.

But we’re also trusted by hundreds of small businesses, franchises and entrepreneurs. They’ve rated us on FreeIndex, Britain’s best-loved business directory, as the UK’s number one leaflet distribution company out of over 680, and after over 160 reviews, we average 4.8 stars out of 5.

You can also read what our clients say on our testimonials page or take a look at a case study.

Better services all round

Whether you want door to door or business to business or hand to hand delivery, you’ll find our service and commitment second to none. And if you don’t have your own leaflets, you’ll find our design, and printing options to be very effective – and good value too.

The leaflet distribution company that others can only copy

Much of what we do is unique, or was pioneered by us. For example, we believe no other company can deliver as fast as JogPost. We pioneered Ride Along™ as well, whereby clients can see for themselves how we work.

We were also one of the first leaflet companies to employ full-time supervisors, and one of the few to only use English-speaking distributors. And we were the first to adopt Geoplan software, enabling you to benefit from precise, cost-effective targeting. These are just some of the 10 reasons to choose us

We were even (as far as we aware) the first leaflet distribution company to go on BBC’s Dragon’s Den, back in our early days – and get four Dragons competing to invest in us! More on this is on our about page.

How to get started

Whatever your requirements, and whatever the size of your business, we look forward to hearing from you. Call us for a no-obligation chat and a quote, or fill in the form below.

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