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Be Sure YOUR Marketing Material Reaches Your Prospects

Be Confident That You Can Trust Your Leaflet Distributor


“Before using JogPost I was always unsure about using a leaflet distribution campaign,
now that I’ve seen how it works and the motivation of the joggers I’m confident.
I give to JogPost absolutely, 100%, 10 out of 10!”

Essi Jussila – Urban Massage


One of the challenges you face when investing in your marketing is that you have to have a certain amount of trust and faith that your leafleting campaigns are being carried out professionally and with integrity.

It is a fairly common occurrence in this industry that companies that are strapped for resources often take shortcuts, and distributors are know to dump large quantities of leaflets in recycling bins, or in the gutter, even bulk posting through the same letter box.

Naturally, this not only affects the deliverability of the service you paid for but it also affects your reputation as well as your costs and profitability.

At JogPost we realise that is important that you can trust your service provider, and can relax with some piece of mind, knowing that your distribution is carried out to the highest possible standards and with maximum integrity.

So, with transparency in mind, we pioneered a unique trademarked service called JogPost RideAlong, aimed at giving you the peace of mind you need so you can concentrate on your business without worrying about whether your marketing is being delivered or not.


So What is JogPost Ride Along® Service?

Ride Along® is a service that lets you see your leaflet distribution in action. We were the first leaflet distribution company to offer this (hence the trademark). It simply means that all our clients are invited to come and see their leaflets being delivered. You can sit with the supervisor in one of our vehicles or you can even join one of the distributors. It’s up to you. 

Here’s How It Works:

• Our Supervisor picks you up at the start of the distribution at an agreed pickup location.

• You get to follow the team around the distribution area, and watch the campaign in action from beginning to end.

• The supervisor will talk you through our operations procedure and also be on hand to answer any questions you have.



Here’s What It Will Do For You:

• You’ll get full visibility on every aspect of the distribution.

• You’ll know exactly and specifically what service you’re paying for.

• You’ll be able to relax in the confidence that your distribution is being carried out by the best in the business.

• You’ll also get a discount on your distribution cost if you take our Ride Along®.


Here’s What Previous Riders say…



Vicki Luo – Owner at Big Mouth Kitchen
“I can see where the joggers are and that they’re doing their job. What I really liked is that there is somebody looking after them,
speaking with them, so they get their job done … efficiently!”


Maddy Alemayehu – Director at St Michael Care Limited
“You can physically see the people distributing, you can see the passion. That’s why I like the Ride Along. Wonderful service.”


Robert Niewiadowski – Sales Manager at Cameron Group Estate agent
“I’m really surprised. JogPost is very organised. Good to see joggers actually jogging. I give to JogPost 9 out of 10!”


John Moody from In Block Management Ltd
“I was very impressed by the monitoring and the analysis of the distribution. I give to JogPost 10 out of 10”

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Dalan Ismet from Franklyn James Estate Agent
“After going on the Ride Along we will definitely use JogPost again.”



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