Door to Door

Achieve blanket coverage of a complete area or target specific households - our door to door leafleting offers faster, better results

Thoughtfully targeted, with the highest deliverability rates in the industry.


Putting leaflets through letterboxes is the most popular and often the best way of distributing them.

Because we look after our delivery teams you’ll benefit from the highest deliverability rate in the industry, equal to or even better than Royal Mail. And because your leaflet won’t be delivered in amongst the regular post, it can stand out that much more.

Leaflet Distribution 5 out of 5 based on 2 ratings. 2 user reviews.
Leaflet Distribution
I had a record breaking sales week at Carshalton Pizza Hut! This was the first time we ever used JogPost for our leaflet distribution.
Javaid Rafique
Pizza Hut / Carshalton
Leaflet Distribution
I am extremely happy I choose Jogpost as my distributors. I found their price to be very reasonable, their customer service was impeccable and their printing was of a very high standard.
Leaflet Distribution
Our industry is arboriculture and the JogPost team were very helpful in advising where to distribute my leaflets. In a few weeks we had almost doubled our client base in targeted areas.
Who can benefit?

Door to door delivery is popular with all kinds of businesses, including many restaurant and fast food outlets, gyms and leisure centres, estate agents, plus marketing companies undertaking campaigns on behalf of their clients.

But the truth is that almost anyone can benefit. We’ve done door to door distributions for major organisations such as Transport for London and the NHS, but also hundreds of small businesses and individual professionals: builders, plumbers, painters and decorators and other tradespeople, or local organisations looking to publicise an event. Just take a look at some of our testimonials.

Your message, your look - the choices are all yours

To make the most of your distribution we can go further still. All our distributors speak English, so can deliver a sales message along with your leaflet when asked, to help reinforce what potential customers will read. ‘Half price this month’, for example.

Our distributors always stand out because they are smartly dressed, and because they typically jog between deliveries. But to really maximise impact you can also have them dressed in your livery.

Select coverage

We use advanced Geoplan software to target those streets and households that most closely match your customer profile. You may, for example, opt for specific streets or districts, exclude flats, opt for council houses only, or exclude them altogether.

In addition we can take a thinking approach – for example targeting houses with south-facing roofs for a company selling solar panels.

Blanket delivery

The most cost-effective option, this allows you to target all households in a given area. With just 24 hours notice we can deliver to up to 30,000 households within the M25 in one day. Give us a week’s notice and we can increase that figure to 250,000 in a single day. You’ll find it’s not just faster than anyone else but better – greatly increasing overall impact.

Plus you can see for yourself how well it works, thanks to our unique Ride Along® Service.

find out more

Remember, if you don’t already have your own leaflets, we can offer a complete creation service, including design, copywriting and printing. For details on how you could benefit from door to door leaflet distribution, please contact us.

How to get started

Whatever your requirements, and whatever the size of your business, we look forward to hearing from you. Call us for a no-obligation chat and a quote, or fill in the form below.

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